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SilverCast metal band was formed in 2007 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The musicians have already given over 30 concerts in Russia, including Saint Petersburg, Moskow and Luga. They even performed as a supporting band for Sonata Arctica’s gig in Russia (13 Feb, 2010), and it was fucking great! Several days before that event SilverCast had released the single called “Za liniey ognya” (“Behind the Firing Line”), including 2 tracks: the song of the same name and the cover-version of Sonata Arctica’s well-known song “Fullmoon”.
The first SilverCast’s mini-album “Dancing with the silence” was self-released in May 2010. It included 4 tracks that nowadays you can find online and listen for free.
In 2012 the musicians have recorded a full-length album which got the name “Chaos Engines” with 11 awesome tracks which put the music of the band to the new higher level. It was released in November. The music of SilverCast is melodic and diverse. It combines traces of power metal and gothic rock with MDM riffs and a bit of folk notes. Some lyrics are written in Russian, some – in English. Members of the band say that this is because in each case certain sounding of the song requires certain phonetics.

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